Meat or Veggies

There is the unending debate on the choice of being vegetarian or eating meat. As they say, there are always two sides so others insist on what they believe and like. That is why it would not end. And why it would not end? Because there are people who can choose whatever they like. There are factors that influence someone to make the decision to choose one over the other. One of the reason is health. One who is restricted to eat meat can only eat veggies.

For this reason, it is a valid one as one has to maintain its health. Other people also say that being a vegetarian is more healthy. Many quickly object to this because even if vegetarians only eat veggies or others that have no meat, they are also healthy. Nothing is wrong with them when they eat meat. There is also various type of meat so you can choose something that would suit your need and taste. Eating meat does not mean not eating veggies.

It is just a balance that could be managed as too much of the other could cause damage. That is why vegetarians also cannot receive the winning argument because many people are not vegetarian and they are healthy. It could be also because of the religion that one chooses to be vegetarian. If that is the case, why did the Creator eat meat and also his disciples eat meat? Sometimes it is just a practice implemented by one person regarded as truth.